By 5 February 2018

My mum and I visited Kerala in India for 2 weeks and we travelled from Kovalam to Kochin and then up to Munnar. We mostly stayed in the hotel to begin with and did some gentle yoga and sitting by the pool, watching sunsets and have a dubious parrot tell our fortunes.

We also, predictably, got sick so most of the trip was spent nurturing our bodies and trying to eat solid food again! As we drove from place to place the bursts of colour that appear so effortlessly in India kept catching our eyes. Saris, longhis, jewellery, flowers and religious posters- all teamed with colours that clashed and complimented at the same time. Even the hand drawn signage seemed so beautiful in contrast to the digitally drawn perfection we are used to here.

My favourite place to stay without a doubt was the mountainous Munnar. It was fresh and cool in the hills and seeing the vast landscape covered in tea from an old colonial estate held such a deep serenity for us that it has been hard to find since.





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