By 5 February 2018

We (we being the girls I went to Vietnam with) finished our degrees and decided to go on a

relaxing break away to restock our vitamin d levels after being hidden away in studios for a year. We picked Marrakech… If anyone has ever been to Marrakech they know it is far from relaxing- unless you count arguing even to

buy a water, having men yell that you are Lady Gaga and being  tricked into paying for the privilege of messy henna relaxing.

We did, however, manage to make the most of and love our break away. We navigated our way through the souks and marvelled at the bright leather slippers, enamelled jewellery,  deeply coloured spices and the stacks of vibrant textiles piled up around us.


The intensity and volume of potential purchases nearly blew our minds, but the colours of Marrakech’s architecture and attention to decoration in such simple places such as our riad and grander locations like the Marjorelle Gardens and the Bahia Palace were what really left us in awe.



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