By 18 October 2017

I only had the joy of spending a week in Nicaragua; it was tacked onto a fortnight long holiday to Costa Rica, which is an incredibly happy, lush country. However, as soon as we stepped of the bus in Nicaragua and were conned twice within the first hour of being there, I knew I loved it in a very different way to Costa Rica. It just felt a little more like the travelling I had expected- hot, confusing and a little bit sketchy.

This was five years ago and most of the photos I took were from a Blackberry (we travelled to internet cafes to check our Facebook back then, no taking laptops on holiday, no free wifi!) so the quality isn’t great, but what amazed me was the colour everywhere! I had only previously travelled to Westernised or European countries and hadn’t seen such vivid palettes on buildings as mundane as a bank or a pharmacy; the bright yellow cathedral and black and white chequered pavement were my favourites. I left feeling as if I was about to get kidnapped, a better understanding of the Spanish language and a strong desire to return and travel around the rest of Central America.

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