By 27 November 2017

This trip to Vietnam was a pretty heroic feat. 6 disorganised girls decide they want to go to Italy on a road trip in the university summer holidays, they book the flights and then one has a dream that we go to Vietnam…. So we go to Vietnam instead. Sorry Italy. It was an incredible trip, with some moments where I never thought I would be able to find a minute to myself again but then feeling completely bereft without having 5 friends sleeping in my room with me every night.


Near fatal bus rides, eye infections, swollen ankles, heart-breaking history, beautiful landscapes and interesting food all define this trip for me. If I’m honest, I didn’t pay much artistic attention to this holiday as ourschedule was so packed, but the Imperial city in Hue, the looming rocks of Ha Long Bai, cycling through clouds of blue butterflies in Cat Thien and the flowing rice fields in Sapa are what really stick in my mind. The colours of the city also resonated with me as they do in most places, the flowers, the clothes, the signage are what I found most visually appealing and, of course, the textiles.


Whoever we met on this trip was stunned to know we were travelling as a group of 6 girls non-stop for 5 weeks and always asked us if we were still talking to each other- we were and still are!

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